Biomechanics Learning & Teaching Made Digital


Ease the life of lecturers, instructors and professors by collecting and sharing high quality reference material. Material is made available in the form of PDF, Word Docx, pptx, images or eBooks.

Terms of use

For the first year (valid till August 2018), we offer a free of charge access to all users willing to be part of the community. From year 2, subscription will be kept free of charge for users who have contributed with a minimum number of items or who have recommended the Dynamic Biomechanics learning package to their students. For quality and relevance, all contributed resources will be validated by a member of the consortium before published to the community.

Different roles played in the community

For any questions about the way that you can contribute, please get in touch with us at Publiwide (info [at] We will be happy to count on you for growing up the community.
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